FOR SALE: Fully Occupied Strip Center | Chandler AZ

Property Details
Sale Price: $4,850,000
Year Built: 1986
Building Size: 20,879 SF

Chandler is regarded as one of the most financially stable cities in the United States, evidenced by it’s AAA bond rating from each major bond rating agency. This fiscal health stems from City leadership’s understanding of the importance of a strong local economy. The City has worked for decades to build a location for business success and to create a sense of place that is appealing to large and small businesses alike.
The following are some of the advantages of doing business in Chandler:

• Pro-business local government that is responsive to the needs of the business community
• City staff capable of assisting businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations
• Programs and services to support businesses locating and expanding in Chandler
• Sound, long-term fiscal policies to ensure Chandler is a safe place for private sector investment
• Lowest city sales tax rate among the metro area’s major cities at 1.5 percent
• Minimalist state regulatory environment and among the lowest corporate income tax rates at 4.9 percent



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