Recap of CCIM Live 2011 – MC Perspective – Day 1

First, I have to say, thanks to all of the CCIM Institute staff and other committee members for all of their hard work in putting this together! It was a monumental task and we did it!

We started the conference off (after 2 long grueling days of business meetings) Wednesday night. I had the opportunity to meet Mick Fleetwood in person before the event. While enjoying some drinks with friends, Emmitt Smith came in (our keynote speaker for the kickoff Thursday!)! Both Mick and Emmitt were GREAT!

We made our way over to the actual Inauguration/New Designee event. After several awards and recognitions, our new 2012 President, Leil Koch, gave a heartfelt welcome to everyone and got everyone ready for the band. We had the Henry Kapono Band with a guest appearance by Mick Fleetwood. This had to be one of the most successful Inaugurations/New Designee events for quite some time!

The next morning, Emmitt Smith started the event. There were a few really good takeaways that I have for this: 1) your attitude will determine your altitude, 2) preparation is key, 3) there will be failures, it’s getting up that matters.

The education track that followed that I attended was the REO Lifecycle. Again, the panelists were right on. Jeff Pitcher, Tim Michel, Steve Price led by Mark Polon. Great info.

We came back together for a lunch presentation by Ken Riggs and Mark Dotzour. I really like Ken’s definition of the new optimist: “Things are so bad that it can’t possibly get any worse.” Mark made good light of what’s going on in the economy with several jabs at the government just needing to get out of the way.

After lunch, I had the opportunity to reconnect with Dr. Jeff Lenn. He was leading the discussion of the Effective Leader. On his panel were Ron Phipps, Leil Koch and Frank Simpson. Dr. Jeff Lenn always has a way of getting people to come out and really discuss what people really want to know.

There was a little break in the action before the next education tracks started; Technology Social Networking Tools and What Employers Want. I bounced around between both of these sessions. One good takeaway from the Tech Social group was to create Google Alerts for different projects you are working on. From the Employers session, the biggest news here is that most of the employees being hired in the commercial real estate field are getting close to the salaries of the peak market. Reason is that employers are looking to ramp up.

The day ended with a Vendor Runway. This was the opportunity for our sponsors to discuss their products and services. Then there is a vote by those attending of which product or service wins. I’m happy to announce that REA (Tim Creagh) took first place followed closely by REIWise (Brendan Erickson).

It was amazing how much we packed into 1 day! To think, I still had 1 more day to go!