Recap of CCIM Live 2011 – MC Perspective – Day 2

Again, I want to make sure I give thanks to all of the CCIM Institute staff and other committee members for all of their hard work in putting this together!

Day 2 started off with networking and catching up with fellow colleagues from around the country. When walking around before the first educational session, everyone was making comments about how great the speakers and sessions were from Day 1 and they were really looking forward to seeing what was in store for them today.

We kicked off the day with Greg Lindsay, co-author of Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next. If you have not had a chance to read his book, I would highly encourage it. He went from a 30,000 foot level and explained how everything was so interconnected and it was all due to first the Internet and then by Air Travel. Think about it for a moment. You can fly directly to almost any place in the World. Even with the price of few going up, we are still traveling further. This lead into the discussion about how Cities are going to have to learn how to compete globally. And if you don’t take the time to invest in the air infrastructure, it is going to be hard to keep up.

After that session, Jay Lucas, CCIM and Joel Kahn, CCIM, gave updates on some of the new tech tools from hardware to software to help make us more productive with our days.

Our lunch keynote speaker was Jerry Colangelo. He is a very fascinating man. I had the pleasure of having lunch with him before his keynote. He was very inspirational because he came to Phoenix with wife, 3 kids and $300. He went on from there to buy the Phoenix Suns for $44.5M! (Jerry-my apologies again for the misstatement in the introduction!)

After being charged up by Jerry, we ended the day with Carol Campbell and Ben Wilson from CCIM Tech giving us the latest updates on the number one member benefit; STDB and CCIMREDEX.

To summarize, I had a great time! Even though it was a lot of work, at the end of the day, it was TOTALLY worth it! I would encourage anyone that really wants to help out CCIM to talk to Kathryn and Skip to see how you can help with the conferences. They can always use the help!