Silent Witness info for Daniel Pollack

Dan Pollack – Silent Witness

Attached is a flyer from Silent Witness about the reward relating to Daniels accident. Please spread this e-mail to all you know. Please print a copy and circulate. If you are a real estate broker it will be helpful if you keep a stack of flyers in your car and distribute them in your travels. We need to ask business owners if we can post the flyers on their front door or counter by their register.

Friends of Daniel will be meeting at 9 pm Saturday night at the North West Corner of Hayden & Thomas near the Dunkin Donuts. We will spread out from there to distribute flyers to businesses in the area. We plan to return at around 11 pm and will have banners to tget the attention of any possible witnesses who may have been in the area last week at the time of the accident.