Tempe Leadership Class 25 need your help for their project!

As some of you may know, my wife, Tiffany, is currently involved in Tempe Leadership, which is through the Tempe Chamber. Tempe Leadership is a nine-month program that teaches participants about the strengths, needs and challenges facing Tempe. Part of the nine-month program includes a class project that benefits the community. The class must work outside of regular meetings to complete the project and is responsible for the project budget, including any associated fundraising.

Their project is called Shower Power ( dedicated to purchasing a mobile shower unit for the working homeless population in Tempe, Arizona. They have raised $15,000 dollars and only need $5,000 more for the trailer.

In addition to the trailer, they also need individual hygiene products. That is where whe really needs your help. They are looking to collect the following items (individual size, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, Sun block, razors and bath and hand towels. If you think about it, while at the store or Target, to pick a couple of items up, that would help a bunch! Also, we are taking monetary donations and checks can be mailed to “Tempe Leadership” here: POB 28500, Tempe AZ 85285. Please be sure to include the words “Shower Power,” in the subject line of your check and/or in the memo online and indicate whether or not you wish to be identified by name on a donors’ list. This is critical.

If you have items, please let Tiffany know and she will stop by and pick them up or let you know who will be picking them up from her class. Also, if you think of anyone else who might be interested in helping out, please forward this on.