The big contradiction of the day!

So, I am reading through my daily news feeds and in one email from my news feeds here are 2 articles that immediately captured my attention:

1) Cramer: Commercial real estate is “on fire”
Jim Cramer said “commercial real estate seems much more stable than the media is reporting,” Tom Brennan writes. “This market is on fire,” Cramer said. Cramer also disputed media reports the IPO market would cool. CNBC (08/04)

8) Poll: Commercial real estate industry braces for more declines
Hopes for a prompt recovery are fading fast within the commercial real estate industry, a poll by LoopNet found. In May, about one-third of those responding expected commercial real estate to recover in 2009, but by July, the percentage had fallen to 10%. Commercial Property News (07/31)

And people wonder why there is confusion out there?