Update from CCIM Refocus Conference Part Deux

Panel: Where to Find Financing? (Panel Members: ING, Wells, American Momenum Bank, Mercantile Capital)


  1. Typical financing terms: 30 year amortization/3-10 year terms; 65% LTVs; 1.35-1.5 DSCR; Avg deal size of $25M ($2-200M) – Debt Yield of 10-12%.
  2. Turning Points – typically when there are high or low liquidity levels
  3. Focused on primary markets – competition is high in these markets
  4. CRE is off the lows but still has a long way to recover with many potential pitfalls along the way.


  1. Active in CMBS market – they are putting together their first CMBS issue ($750M) directly
  2. High quality deals for the right people
  3. Underwriting is the new/old method – everything goes back to borrower and asset quality
  4. Debt Yield requirements minimum of 10%

Ammercian Momentum Bank – Personal attention with creative loan structures in today’s environment.

Mercantile Capital – SBA 504 Loans

  1. Blended rates of 5.5%
  2. Can use for refinancing
  3. Potential to refinance an upside down borrower (up to 125% LTV) if there is other collateral

Panel – Ken Riggs and KC Conway

Ken Riggs:

  1. Keep expectations low – Warren Buffett
  2. 2007/2008 was casino money
  3. “Things ar so bad now that they can’t get any worse” – New Optimist Definition
  4. If asset has been repriced, they have seen a 6% increase in value
  5. It took 18 months to reset (NCREIF) – last time took 6 years
  6. “Betting against the US has no worked since 1776” – Warren Buffett

KC Conway:

  1. If USA started creating jobs at a rate of 170k/month, it would take until 2014 to replace all jobs lost
  2. charge offs don’t peak until about 1 year after recession has ended andwill remain elevated for 3-4 years
  3. CMBS has to come back
  4. 3 special servicers control 70% of the market
  5. Worst state for CMBS = AZ
  6. $12T in residential loans compared to $3.3T in commercial (a) Commercial was $800B before run up (b) 24% of all residential mortgages have negative equity (c) great info source
  7. Nationwide – 6 year land supply of finished/vacant lots
  8. Cash flow correction is still coming (Cap Rates rising to historical norms has already begun)

Let me know if you have any questions about notes! I hope they help you!