Updates from the CCIM REFOCUS Conference in Orlando

You only get out of a conference what you put into it….or at least what sessions you show up too! Here are some notes from the two different sessions I attended. More information on other sessions to follow!

Pat Williams – Key Note Kickoff
Leadership Excellence has 7 components/foundation

  1. Vision
  2. Communicating the Vision
  3. People Skills
  4. Character Counts
  5. Competence
  6. Boldness
  7. A Serving Heart

Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets

  1. Apts/Office still favored sectors by foreign investors
  2. Asians invest in Europe before USA
  3. Sam Zell is investing in China, Brazil and Egypt
  4. Sam Zell – “Come clean by 2013”
  5. Canada – was not hurt as bad as USA
  6. Western Europe – UK has recovered
  7. Sovereign Funds from Scandinavia will become an investor force
  8. German Funds looking to buy in USA
  9. Africa is the last great frontier for development
  10. FIRPTA – biggest issue for foreign investment in USA
  11. Housing Overseas is where money will be made over several years
  12. Exit Strategies are key for other markets

If you were there, did I miss anything on these two sessions?