What Are Your Top Apps for iPad? (Part 3 – Property Information Sites)

The iPad continues to make its way into my day-to-day activities. Having the ability to access property information out in the field is really THE most important aspect of having this tool. Here are some of the sites I use when I am out in the field for either research or quick facts:

  1. CostarGo. Why? This allows you to look at current availability, sales comps, lease comps, tenants in buildings (when available), create reports on the fly, etc. I cannot tell you how many times I am meeting with a client and they ask about a property down the street and I have the information easily (my opinion, gives more credibility to show vs tell a client even when I know the information from memory).
  2. LoopNet. Why? Even with LoopNet being purchased by Costar, sometimes I find information in LoopNet faster than I might see it in Costar. Costar still goes through the “researcher” to get information about properties were LoopNet portal still allows the broker/individual to post the information immediately so that it can be viewed immediately.
  3. eXplore. Why? This is the new kid on the block (Xceligent) that is expanding across the nation and adding more and more market coverage. I have not had the chance to really dive into this app because the information in my market is not “live” yet. However, from conversations with them, it will have similar information to CostarGo & LoopNet.
  4. Zillow. Why? Undoubtedly a question will come up regarding the neighborhood around a commercial property. This gives you the ability to see what home values are doing in an immediate area.
  5. BAO. Why? This app allows you to do a quick demographic analysis around a property. The information is very basic, but can be very helpful when you are unable to fully research an area.

Please comment on other apps that you are using for property information. The more comments, the better we will all stay informed on how to obtain the information quickly and efficiently!